Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Shifting A Difficult Day

Let me just start off by saying that in some way or another, we all struggle. We all go through pain. Sometimes I feel unmotivated and it is a challenge to get through a day. But with the right tools, it is completely possible to transform pain into power in less time than you expect. As you read through this article, keep in mind one thing: struggle, pain and challenge are uncomfortable to deal with but they are also opportunities to learn, grow, gain perspective and ultimately become your strongest and most independent self. If you are going through a difficult time or need some perspective when a challenge arises, refer to these powerful pointers:

1 Face the Feelings
I know this may seem like the last thing you want to do. Who wants to face pain and discomfort? However, ignoring emotions won't make them go away. Be courageous. With a nurturing and non-judgmental approach, be with what is. For it is by doing this that you allow the pain to come and go in it's natural cycle.

2 Seek Support

There is absolutely no need to struggle alone- simply stated. Yes, there is a certain pride in being able to do things on your own, but the truth is that we all need help sometimes. When I need help, I reach out to my support system- it is not always easy to expose myself and become vulnerable to others, but it is incredibly helpful. Reaching out for support shows strength, not a lack of it. It shows that you know what you need.

3 Be Open

Often when we are struggling with emotion, we retreat into our protective shell. And by this, I mean that we disconnect from the world and the people in it. However, during times of struggle, having an open mind and heart is an especially powerful thing. Because by being open to opportunity and connection, you might find what it is that you need. For example, you might receive much-needed support from a stranger (this has happened to me!) or an opportunity to do something that you want (this has happened to me too!)

4 Nurture Yourself

When we feel down, sometimes the last thing we want to do is take care of ourselves. But I say challenge this and tell yourself, "I deserve to feel good." So feed yourself, exercise, take a bath, rest and be kind to yourself in whatever way that is for you.

5 Keep Doing what you Do

As I mentioned in my previous point about being open, it is also important to keep doing the things that you enjoy, even if you don't feel like doing anything. And let me tell you something: you don't need to put 100%. Put 70% instead. Don't be hard on yourself, but continue to take consistent action in doing the things that bring you happiness and drive your passion.

Take care and blessings,


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