Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Claim your Ultimate Freedom


Do you feel ultimately free in your life? Or are you living to please others? Do you consider your own happiness when making a decision? Or are you worried about what others will think about you if you do something that sets you apart from what most people are doing? Free yourself from these limits by:

1 Doing What you Love

What do you truly enjoy doing? What is your passion? There is no better time to follow your passion than right now. The time and energy we spend on this earth is so precious and it is a fulfilling thought to know that we are spending our time doing the things that bring us happiness. And if people expect you to do what they are doing and are not supporting your passion, don't listen to them. It's not worth it. Life is too short to live anyone elses' life other than your own.

2 Setting Your Standards High

Sometimes we don't realize how truly powerful we are, how much potential we have to achieve great things. In order to gain all that life has to offer, it is important not to settle. And by this I mean settle with a group of negative friends or a job that doesn't bring happiness. Set impossible goals and you will be surprised by what you are able to accomplish. Consistent action, determination and focus is bound to bring success.

3 Being Open to Experience Life

Many of us stay within a comfort zone of doing what feels comfortable. We are comfortable when we know that we are doing what others are doing, we feel safe. We are comfortable in a routine and it is often hard to change if something goes wrong. But I say take the risk. Face the fear. Do the things that you feel like doing, even if you don't know anyone else who is doing them. For you will meet people through doing the things that drive your passion. Try different foods, be open to meeting different people and experience different places.

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  1. Good to see other people are breaking down happiness to find the best ways to achieve it, very awesome that you're sharing your ideas :)