Monday, 14 December 2015

The Choice I'll Never Regret

The choice I'll never regret is this:
Investing in myself. Investing in myself comes from my deep commitment to personal growth.

Growing up, I felt it was selfish to take time for myself. But as I got older and got to know people who are really moving forward in their lives and making a difference, I realized that it's the only way I will grow, get clear and be truly able to contribute beyond myself.

We all need personal growth to be happy, alive and fulfilled in our lives.

I've been intentional about what I've committed to and followed my heart. Every place I've traveled to has caused me to grow massively. Travel really is an education of it's own. From trips to Israel and England in 2013, to San Diego in 2014 and North Carolina and Miami in 2015, each trip has given me more. Made me more.

Most of us enroll in formal education. If you are and loving your program, congratulations! You're bang on. But if University if not for you, there are so many other certification programs that can change your life. Maybe they won't be your final career choice, but if you're feeling the desire to do a yoga certification or coaching course, do it. It might be the very stepping stone you need to get more clear. Is there a leader or business owner you look up to who offers a course? Take it! Do your research, get recommendations from people you trust and invest your money wisely, but invest.

For the past four years, reading has also had a huge impact on my personal growth and level of focus. Reading books or blogs by people who have experienced life and gained knowledge is a great way to open our eyes to more perspective and options. Finding role models who inspire us and absorbing the content they offer is incredibly inspiring.

There is also something to be said for investing beyond our basic responsibilities when it comes to our work. At the moment I am mentoring a group of young girls in life skills and self-esteem. Even though it is a volunteer opportunity, it has added more wholeness to my life. Volunteering is not about the money, but we grow, meet people, find more purpose in our lives and may become more clear on next steps or receive an opportunity to make money through volunteering. So as I said, never a waste.

If it's something that grows you into a better person, it's worth your time.

Enrolling in therapy or coaching is also always worth it. We all need healing and support at different points in our lives. There are many people, groups and programs out there designed to provide the tools and resources for healing and clarity. When it comes to getting help, reaching out may not be easy, but its always worth it. The truth is that if we don't do our own work, we can't truly be there for others. We need to start with ourselves.

If it's something that aligns with your passion, if it's something you feel you need, do it. Take time to build yourself. You wont regret it. I promise.

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