Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Poem For Healing Hearts
When the darkness has set,
and you're all alone,
when the pain fires up,
right to your bone

When the corners are tight,
and the walls crumble down,
be kind to yourself,
it's not a fight

Love your pain, 
because it will go,
love your pain,
because you're more than you know

   Move with it like its a luscious wave,
     Yes, salt in your eyes and balancing tall,
                  But you'll find your stand,
                         Even if you fall

                                                                         Just get back up with compassionate arms,
                                                                                Yes, there will be another.

                                                                          More sparkling eyes looking into souls,
                                                                         More deep kisses against warm skin,
                                                                         It's the law of nature,
                                                                            And your journey to find the love within.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice Julie,Im looking forward to reading more.