Friday, 23 January 2015

Are You Giving Yourself Permission to Dream Big?'d like to start off this post with a dare. Are you willing to dream big? Are you willing to let your guard down, stare down fear, let go of limits and picture what excites you? Sounds easy, right?

Well this is the thing. Sometimes when we are hurt, when we've experienced failure or rejection, we stay small to avoid feeling that pain again. We take the circumstance personally, even though shitty things happen to all of us. Job losses, breakups, divorce, you name it. We stay small and safe because dreaming is scary, it sets us outside of our routines and the walls we built around our mind and hearts to stay comfortable.

The trouble is that we think we're protecting ourselves from pain, but really we are causing ourselves more pain by not allowing ourselves to grow.

But despite how obvious this may seem, we are all humans and need time to heal, even if the shitty things that happened had nothing to do with us. They still hurt and this is legitimate.

Sometimes we just need to trust that we will come back to our heart and the freedom that we are born to live in.

When I lost my job half a year ago- a company that was just starting out and clearly unstable- the rejection really hurt. I questioned if I had done something wrong or there was something wrong with me, even though this was far from the case. The company had an unhealthy rate of turnover and lacked feedback and communication between managers and employees.

So yes, the change was shocking both emotionally and financially, but looking back I see that it's made me stronger. The process of healing, adapting, re-claiming my self-worth and letting myself dream again is how we learn and grow.

The challenge is to, no matter what happens externally, hold the most expansive perspective and belief that we can within us.

Dreaming big means allowing ourselves to let go of fear, rules and conditions. It means visualizing what you really want to do if money were not a factor. Because when we uncover what we really desire, that's where the motivation lies and finding the resources and means to make it happen becomes a whole lot easier. Instead of starting from our limits, let's start from our dreams, shall we?

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