Thursday, 6 November 2014

Just Do What Feels Good. Amen. days ago I celebrated my birthday, surrounded by love and the people I feel most connected to. I was and continue to feel utterly blessed to know such supportive, positive and inspiring souls. Thank you.

Part of me thought that I "should" throw a party to celebrate, which is definitely always an option. But sometimes my desires are more intimate and introverted. I love small gatherings and getting to really connect with the people around me. Good food and hugs. And yes, with the right people, I also love music and dancing and drinks.

What I've realized is that however our desire manifests, as long as it's nourishing, fulfilling and ultimately feels good, then we are exactly where we need to be.

When we care more about living that feels good on the inside rather than how it looks on the outside, the way we create and attract this life can manifest in so many ways.

When we are open to move with our intuition and embrace uncertainty, we find ourselves on the greatest adventure. The places we go to, people we meet and opportunities that come our way may now be what we originally planned or pictured for ourselves. But you know what? They may be a whole lot fucking better.

I've also realized that we have this whole blind spot. The things we don't know that we don't know. When we are open to embracing uncertainty and being vulnerable, this is when we discover these things- what we didn't even realize existed. Expanded life experience, expanded perception- bam!

Yes, it's great to plan. I am literally in love with my planner- it allows me to commit to what I want and hold myself accountable. However, there are times to allow ourselves some space before we make decisions. Space to check in and give ourselves permission to change our minds.

Time to cancel commitments. Time to reschedule. To say no to what we thought we wanted but realized is not soul food.

This is freedom. 

Life around us is constantly in flow and changing. Sometimes I've resisted these shifts, especially when it means that I need to take a look at my life and take a different route. What I learn though, is that those shifts are exactly the signs we need to follow our intuition and grow into who we are meant to be.

We can often be so attached to the need for certainty. When things change and shift, we resist it. But we also know that when we surrender to our intuition, magic happens.

That voice from inside that speaks so clearly when we are present and open. It comes from our heart that pumps blood through our body, where we feel alive. Over thinking and over planning often takes us away from this powerful sense.

So next time we feel a shift, a spark of intuition- even if it means we are not certain- let's follow that impulse.

Just because it feels good.

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