Monday, 9 September 2013

Letting Go of Someone We Love let go of someone we love is just about one of the hardest things to do. Believe me, I know.

It's so easy to fall back into the comfort of a relationship without paying attention to all the reasons of why the relationship is toxic and not working. Because even though things didn't work out, there is still emotion.

And love.

Love is messy.

We just sometimes forget that we can learn to love again.

We know that it won't be easy, but we also remind ourselves that any decision made in favor of our happiness is worth it. We remind ourselves of why the relationship didn't work out, and we give ourselves some peace of mind.

I've realized that every experience has meaning, whether it be pleasant or painful. Living with regret because we didn't get what we hoped for out of a relationship would be foolish. Why? Because we always learn. We can learn no matter what. And learning is one of the most powerful things we can experience in life. 

Not every relationship we experience will be what we are looking for, but let's not discredit these ones. For if anything, they strengthen our conviction and make us see what it is that we do want.

I've had to learn to let go. I realized that trying to force a situation to work out when it clearly isn't is a waste of energy and time. Either the relationship works, or it doesn't. And sometimes we just need to be honest with ourselves to let go. We can try to fix, bang on the same door that isn't opening, convince ourselves that it really isn't that bad- but at the end of the day, if we are not happy in a relationship now, we cannot wait for things to change.

Otherwise we may find ourselves waiting forever.

Letting go is scary, it takes courage. Because there are no guarantees in life. But let us remember that uncertainty means possibility. We can trust ourselves, remind ourselves that we are strong, we will heal and that "this too shall pass."



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